Posted on: May 8, 2010

A few weeks ago I stumbled across BENNIE BECCA‘s 1st album, so I’ve decided to write it up here! 🙂 In a nutshell, BENNIE BECCA is a collaboration project between BENNIE K which consists of YUKI and CICO, and American-born singer-songwriter, BECCA. This might be an elaborate attempt at promoting BENNIE K in US (and vice versa) which is fairly good, IMO. BENNIE BECCA have included 15 new songs on the album’s tracklisting and I thought it’d be pretty much worth listening.



01. The Letter – Opening
02. Dreamer
04. Narita Express
05. You & Me
06. Ashita (with Blaise Plant)
07. Sound Surfing (interlude)
08. Japaneedle
09. Dilemmas
10. Don’t Save Me
11. So Bad
12. Cinderella Syndrome
13. 2012
14. The Beginning
15. 2013 (Kochira Seizonsha Ari)

So I’ve listened to their album. I conclude that BECCA has more of a pop rock sound while BENNIE K dips the group into synthpop-mixed-rock-hip-hop-esque music, yeah you can guess that their songs are pretty catchy but not really that excellent. The intro track doesn’t offer something really new (and neither does the rest of this album) although they says that they’re trying to change the world with music. Futuristic? Yes, but the clacking buttons and the heavy auto-tuned voice sound kinda.. odd. Ashita sounds easy-listening and beautiful but it easily gets quite boring. Japaneedle, Kaminari Girl, Don’t Save Me and 2012 are pretty good too though. I don’t like the other songs, but hey, nice try.

Honestly I think these girls have potential and I hope they’ll last beyond this album. BENNIE BECCA sounds pretty standard fare but it’s not bad for a start. I’m looking forward to their next album 😀


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