A Letter to God

Posted on: May 13, 2010

Dear God,
I know it’s been quite a long time since the last time I prayed,
but I have some *urgent* requests.
You see, God, my life’s drama has been considerably OTT lately and I know You have the habit of fucking things up. Can we just stop focusing on
my ground?
Y’know, You can screw other people, like
him .
Like, choking them to death with switchblades,
or simply get them ravished by Ugandan.

Yeah. Seriously.
Anyways, don’t You think iPad’s kinda interesting?
No, I’m not saying that You’ve got to plummet one straightway from Heaven
Maybe… from a rich good-looking
I need one. Obviously.
You had better grant my wish if you want me to keep your mother
FYI She’s in my hands, stiff, and helpless.



5 Responses to "A Letter to God"

Nice letter 😉

You’re gonna have a special place in hell, you know that? XD

why, thankyou 😀
I think we just have to make different approach if we want Him to grant our prayer *d’oh*

Love this, to bits 🙂

d’aww.. thankyou, beybih :*

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