Must Have E.VIA

Posted on: May 24, 2010

I’ll start this review with an obvious avowal: at long last—a proper non-barbiestacks Korean music truly exists (!) E.VIA serves up decent rap, chip-thighs, and a brimful of moeness I couldn’t resist. I came across Oppa Can I Do It time was, despite the controversy, the song was pretty catchy and I’ve grown fond of her thenceforth. E.VIA’s Must Have mini album just stumbled upon my iTunes today, so here’s a quick review 😀

Track Listing:
1. Protein Girl (Good Protein to You)
2. Shake!
3. Tips (feat. Yogjaengi Yoseonsaeng)
4. Genuine Girl (feat. Mad Clown)
5. When It Comes to Clothes (Call Me Up!)
6. Shake! (Intrumental)
7. Genuine Girl (Intrumental)
8. When It Comes to Clothes (Instrumental)

1. Protein Girl (Good Protein to You). I love the creepy feel I get from the rapid laugh voice which fitted well with the low-moderate synth melody and the simple arrangement. It’s actually good for an intro, the song doesn’t feel like overdone or something.
2. Shake it! I do admit that Shake it! is my favorite out of this album. It’s another one of those songs that just kind of sticks to you after you listen to it. I like the beat although this feels kinda similar to Protein Girl. Great song, great rap, nice asses, and E.VIA looks ubercute (I can’t believe she’s already 24). I’m so putting this song into my playlist.
3. Tips. No music, just a girl babbling out of nowhere. I don’t know what the fucking hell the girl was talking about since it’s in Korean. Okay.
4. Genuine Girl. Honestly I don’t really like this song, I don’t know why. Mad Clown’s rap part was kinda impressive though, I like the rhythm, but the song feels.. a lil bit off-sounding.
5. When It Comes to Clothes (Call Me Up!). Lovely. I enjoy the way E.VIA singing up-tempo rap followed by blues-y synthesized voice, but it sounds quite repetitive. Well, it’s good, I like the rap part.

In short, it’s worth listening! She’s really good and IINM she’s the fastest female rapper in all of Korea at 160 bpm. I just hope she’ll make more up-beat songs. Keep up the good, girl. Kudos.


2 Responses to "Must Have E.VIA"

gw baru denger yg Hey! sama Shake! doang. nge-rap-nya asik 😀

Iya, yang Shake! itu sumpah adiktif banget, beatnya enak buat goyang :))

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