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I’ve decided to take part in 30 Days Drawing Challenge ( , I guess it’ll be pweety fun 😀
So, day #1. I potray myself as a jealous being. I like pretty girls but I don’t feel quite comfortable being myself. At some point, I wanna be someone else, I just wanna be… beautiful. I know this sounds as cheesy as hell, but let’s say, hey, it’s the Aesthete in me 🙂


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We had good times. We shared chips and beers. We talked much. And you’ve got her, apparently, the party’s over. I crawled back to my berth, heading to North. You didn’t call, you didn’t cogitate, because *for you* love has arrived and I’m the one who’s got to pull up stakes. Okay.

It’s been weeks and you’re buzzing me out of nowhere. Caring. Laughing. And eventually, asking me a favor for the sake of you two. Darling, what the hell is this all about? …I loathe this.

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