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Christmas is just around the corner. Same old carols, same lame colors, but a certain scent of sweetness is nowhere to be found. My heart shrinks. This might sound gooey, but I’m feeling quite content…… somebody might’ve put a Prozac in my noodles. ANYWAY. A lot of things *as usual* have happened this past year. Drame de la drame. But I pretty much enjoyed everything people did, I mean, it’s like grasping the whole last thread of your priceless youth and trying to live every moment. And then pull a gun.

Well, merry Christmas, I guess. I think I’m gonna spend my little Christmas missing someone I barely love 🙂

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“Where do you see yourself in ten years?”
“I don’t know,”
..I mumbled.

I forgot where I left my dreams, I forgot what it feels like to have something better than sex. Something worth fighting for. The future looks bleaker than ever, I cried. But I haven’t reached the end of the tunnel yet, maybe there will be a billion special moments that can chase the shadows from my face in an instant, I don’t know. And romance, romance isn’t dead. Perhaps. Some people I’ve just met know how to love, and precious few people know how to talk over noodles. I’m proud to be one of the people they’re fond of. They may become a part of the future I long for. I’d better start booting my head up now.

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Know what? Eat stars and wish upon yourself. You’re the one who can make everything possible.

PS: Anyway you can create a similar drawing style using wax oil crayon (oil pastel) and a mechanical pencil. I’ll post the tutorial later 🙂

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“Life’s full of surprises,” they said. “When you least expect it, your life will surprise you and you never know what you’re gonna get.” ..But you might ever think that _your_ life seems rather like a serial bully who secretly puts the shit out of random things e.g. trash, cockroaches, or self-pity in your bag than a box of chocolate. You always stand ready to defend yourself until eventually you become as hard, ugly, and cruel as the world you have imagined. You’ve started losing your faith, feelings, everything becomes dull. Surprises are no longer surprising, and now you don’t know what to do.

I feel it now.

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Just few artworks I made with 2B pencil during the past few days 🙂

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