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“Do you ever feel lonely?”
“Everyone does.”
“I mean, you seem—”
“…We all know that internet is the best place to cheat.”

/ I am not merry, but I do beguile. The thing I am by seeming otherwise // Desdemona spoke the most delicious truth we might live through. Some famously assertive people may possibly be the most reliant, anxious beings we could ever imagine. And some others may just be Othellos —leaping to conclusions without adequate evidence. Both are neither right nor wrong.

I can’t tell I’m happy with people saying ” You’re exactly the same in real life as you have always potrayed online. ” …I realize I’ve become dissimulative & reticent, I only get slushy & warm to the person I love the most. At some point, I miss that lovey-dovey feeling, the urge to dance at the museum while Balamb Garden – Ami is being played, baking weird cookies, watching movies as one ends up kissing my lips…

Oo romance, be my guest.

**now insert protagonistic whimper minus thick mascara here**

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I should stop acting like one. Uh huh. So,
Once I deeply cut my wrist, I will never acting like one again… right?


Let’s just have fun and push the boat out 😀

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I just made this as a memorial to religious killings victim in Indonesia. Yes. I know I haven’t confirmed this: I’m an unsympathetic brute, but I don’t mind helping others so shut the fuck up. If you want to participate in the religious tolerance campaign, send your photographs, artworks, writings, ANYTHING to untuk.cikeusik6211 [at] or simply hit 😀

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I’m in love with the tendency of hurting my fingers by writing your name on dilapidated bricks. Such a beauty springs from some letters, I ain’t sure how. I know you’ll eventually be forgotten, because I’m just a human–a snob and got easily pleased by it. But I’d love to spend some days turning into fragments; I’m ready to hurt the wall, carve your name and let the painful joy spurt.

Yes, I fancy you mad, but the Mad knows nothing. Even the glint of your eyes remains a myth I’d like to believe because your presence still feels as real as a bite of reality, yet a true-life wonder I couldn’t ever greet. But I’m in love. Or simply being high. So be it.
I’ll enjoy myself before my fear floods back.
I’d trade my sad sanity for a crack.

This seems like an endless repertoire of shlocky words and foul ardor but I want some more. The drug is enough to get it all going and I just found another brick wall…

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Disclaimer : It’s just a fan-art, this character belongs to Pixar (UP) 🙂

I’m afraid to dream and move ahead.
Because everytime I close my eyes, the reminiscence of you pops up.
I could recall the picture of you, sweet and magical.
I could recall the grasp of cold hands, clutching my feeble body and a voice shouting “Stop crying!”

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Quo vadis, corvus paulo?
Ego rem desiderum.

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