Life and Choice

Posted on: March 3, 2011

homicidal generation

After all those tremors of famine and longing, I had a tête-à-tête with fellow delinquent about sexuality and pre-marital pregnancies. So we do have a case-by-case view on abortion, and by and large, it’s NEVER been easy. I have nothing againts Prolifers, but do you people put as much energy into helping children who are already here as you do in saving the unborn? Do you talk out of turn / scoff at single women who give their babies a chance at life, or even call their kids “forbidden child”? Do you keep telling one ” Pay for your own stupidity, you were too busy spreading your legs to the world “? Et. Cetera.

All those pressures and paradoxes, maybe you’re one of the reasons why illegal abortion exists. Abortion may be nothing short of murder. Now count yourself in?

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6 Responses to "Life and Choice"

Heyy I’m a prolifer. First thing that makes me curious is why the opposite of pro-life is pro-choice, abortionally speaking? lol everyone knows life antonytes death (and just like that i created the verb version of antonym). The second is why you not write about the *other* prolifers, the ones who answer ‘yes’ to the first question and (or at least) ‘no’ to the rest?

I won’t even *think* about saying “pay for your own stupidity” lol, it’s all about the baby, not the mother; they simply deserve the chance.

It’s then the choice of the mother to give her baby away or not. If they want to. And I think the baby have to be informed who their real mothers are, unlike the regulations in some countries. And I do think a country must have a good system for orphaned babies.

So. It’s just my opinion, and not a strong one either to make me swim oceans of fire to make abortion legally prohibited. I dunno every woman’s problem that makes ’em want to abort their babies. Maybe in some cases (spawn of Satan?) they were right and I’m wrong. And you do have a valid about the hypocrisy of some prolifers.

And finally, sorry about my comment being longer than your post.

1) Dua option ini yang selalu diperdebatkan, pro-life & pro-choice 😀
2) People could just say “give birth to the child & give it away to an orphanage” & keep pointing up “the baby deserves a chance” …Had the circumstances & the psychological moment upheld, the statistics would’ve been insignificant. The pressures, hardship, threats, and all, are sometimes inconceivable to other people. And anyways I think the concept of chance is pretty amusing. Everyone could just grow into a willful murderer or a genocidal Fuhrer *yeah :))*, it’s simply a conditional probability, but if one turned into one would people say “Oo Deo gratias her mother gave him a chance to live”? 😀 Some women are considerate enough that they think abortion is the best way out (well, we never _know_ which is the best nor worst, we’re just perpetually taking risks in everything). The guilty conscience is quite (or extremely) awful, and I think it’s also a form of responsibility. I know people who had abortions (+who gave birth to their children), thus I can safely say that it’s a sorely difficult decision. But anyway, I don’t favor late-abortion (2nd trimester++) 🙂

I think that parenting, though it’s (obviously) directly related to bearing and delivering children, is still a whole different matter. My argument was solely based on the babies’ chance tol ive, not how they should be grown, but still i wrote “And I do think a country must have a good* system for orphaned babies”, you know, just in case you bring serial killers and Hitler into the argument :)). *”good” being a relative word and needing further discussion.

Still I won’t try to shove my opinion down your throat. :)) never give this much thought before (nice blog, btw), I just always have this silly thought that no matter what babies must be born because no one can oversee(?) fate. I may have different opinion if I were a woman, tho. :-/

Well, it always goes like this: people are against abortion until they/their daughter/partner need one. Trust me it’s true :)) And if men could get pregnant, I guess abortion would be a sacrament though *since 77% of prolifers are men* 8)) Then again, nyambung sama posting selanjutnya, it’s kinda funny because with humans it’s abortion, but with chickens it’s an omelet. I guess what makes humans special is that they think they’re the most special, don’t you think? 🙂

Wow really, 77%? That makes sense, kinda. But the statistic only says us seventy-seven share a gender, NOT sharing one single similar reason about why we’re prolifers. Now, I’m sure some must have egotistical, idiotic, even moronic reasons, but others may have a very strong, intelligent, and brilliant argument (*polite cough*). It’s totally individual, not one collective opinion. I’m sure there are people who are still against abortion even when they/their relatives “need one” (<- need to be more specific). I'm assuming "need one" here excluding medical reasons (dan rape victim termasuk medical reason imo).

Btw, ladydude, omelets are interspecies (or extraspecies? whatever) killing. It doesn't count. Ever heard a chicken intentionally breaking her own egg? But I won't put that in my list of reasons of why I'm a pro-life.

Last of all, sorry if I annoy you with my long bullshit, this and the previous comments. Those were all just my opinion,.I think you're a very smart person and you're entitled to your opinion.

Honestly, yes, some chickens break their own eggs. I wanted to be a vet when I was a kid-teen, so yeah, sudah mendengar & mengalami banyak kasus sejenis itu, I took care lots of animals :p Not to mention pasti pada tau tentang induk-induk kucing yang membunuh anaknya sendiri.

Hihihi. No worries, you’re considerably respectful towards others, and I can’t say that you’re wrong so I don’t mind 😀

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