L’Avidità di Anima

Posted on: March 5, 2011

l'avidita di anima

Aren’t we all killers?
Isn’t it just a matter of perception whether one is negligible, worth killing or worth keeping?

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4 Responses to "L’Avidità di Anima"

lol u right. i can tell you the ppl who can make me very happy being dead as easily as telling you the persons whom i’d like for them to live forever. <- sigh if u can understand this sentence +2 internetz for you

‘s okay, baby, I know what you mean 8))

+2 internet pointz for ya 😀 btw nyambung ke post sebelah, moi nggak mengharapkan orang supaya “never been born”. Just in case everyone reading thinks i’m a hypocrite. 😐 *ass stiffen*

ini ngasih komentar kok sporadis & nyambung-nyambung *akhirnya ikutan juga* 8))

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