Rewatch and Revive

Posted on: March 15, 2011


It was nice to *FINALLY* watch the last sequel of Nodame Cantabile after months of wait, heartbreak and conveying ennui. Those spine tingling harmonies, more burgeoning romance, and NC typical jokes, leaving me whimpering with pleasure. I still remember how people used to think that Noda & I shared the same traits and yet I eventually had to leave piano. Well. I’m coming back and learning it all over again. Tadaima 🙂

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3 Responses to "Rewatch and Revive"

GYABOO!! Mukyaaa!!! XD btw itu yang anime apa live action? And i dunno what’s more cool than a real life Noda Megumi, or at least “share the same traits”. 🙂 I wonder which traits you both share.

Live action 😀 Yang ngehe-ngehe aja sih… E.g. Kamar yang awfully berantakan, cengengesan, mainin lagu berdasarkan pendengaran, sloppy & males baca partitur, and I screwed my piano class 8))) Itu kelas klasik tapi gue selalu bawanya partitur lagu2 hore yg ga ada hubungan sama materi 8))

😮 selain pinter nggambar, musik juga ya…HEBAT!!! btw menurutku orang yang kamarnya rapi itu mencurigakan so u’re totally fine, at least in my opinion. *emang saya siapa* :DDD

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