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*I know it’s been a while, my laptop crashed and I’ve got many work to do. In short, this is just an uberquick drawing 8(*

It’s still there. The stains of red lipstick you smeared with such intention before burrying your face in my chest. Or was it blood, I couldn’t quite remember but being the masochist I am, I would still relish and secretly wish those lips that brushed my skin were still dancing upon me. Severely .
It’s sort of like going on a long, hateful vacation but we will be home. Won’t we?

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It was nice to *FINALLY* watch the last sequel of Nodame Cantabile after months of wait, heartbreak and conveying ennui. Those spine tingling harmonies, more burgeoning romance, and NC typical jokes, leaving me whimpering with pleasure. I still remember how people used to think that Noda & I shared the same traits and yet I eventually had to leave piano. Well. I’m coming back and learning it all over again. Tadaima 🙂

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Yesterday I stumbled on a topic on FemaleDaily vis-à-vis the daily rituals of females. I realized I had been higgledy-piggledy in personal habits, even reading people stuff in ‘decent’ order kinda tickled me pink 😀 But I finally thought up some new rituals to do with objectives: to give a new lease on life, and to recall how to purely enjoy myself. Oh so positive. Oh to hell with it. I’m so gonna join new age hippies. Yaha. Not.

Oui, I’m in a pretty good mood 🙂

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l'avidita di anima

Aren’t we all killers?
Isn’t it just a matter of perception whether one is negligible, worth killing or worth keeping?

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homicidal generation

After all those tremors of famine and longing, I had a tête-à-tête with fellow delinquent about sexuality and pre-marital pregnancies. So we do have a case-by-case view on abortion, and by and large, it’s NEVER been easy. I have nothing againts Prolifers, but do you people put as much energy into helping children who are already here as you do in saving the unborn? Do you talk out of turn / scoff at single women who give their babies a chance at life, or even call their kids “forbidden child”? Do you keep telling one ” Pay for your own stupidity, you were too busy spreading your legs to the world “? Et. Cetera.

All those pressures and paradoxes, maybe you’re one of the reasons why illegal abortion exists. Abortion may be nothing short of murder. Now count yourself in?

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I just made this as a memorial to religious killings victim in Indonesia. Yes. I know I haven’t confirmed this: I’m an unsympathetic brute, but I don’t mind helping others so shut the fuck up. If you want to participate in the religious tolerance campaign, send your photographs, artworks, writings, ANYTHING to untuk.cikeusik6211 [at] or simply hit 😀

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