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I just made this as a memorial to religious killings victim in Indonesia. Yes. I know I haven’t confirmed this: I’m an unsympathetic brute, but I don’t mind helping others so shut the fuck up. If you want to participate in the religious tolerance campaign, send your photographs, artworks, writings, ANYTHING to untuk.cikeusik6211 [at] or simply hit 😀

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"I'm pretty because I fucking adore Jesus" ...correlation?

The First Moslem Contestant Coming First in Blahblah competition
A Prominent Moslem Economist Had Appeared Before Adam Smith

—seriously, what’s the fucking point of writing stuff like this while you people tussling against Racism? Dude, you’ve started the fucking bias on your tod, crowning your fucking retarded vainglorious religion over such irrelevant articles and nonsensically blaming Christendom for its prejudice. I can see clearly why some dudes tried to fire off bombs and missiles. Let’s see, how the fuck does one’s expertise relate to Qur’an? Discuss. I’ve seen a whole lot of eminent infidels out there, yeah I bet Jesus had something to do with their fucking mindNOT. Writing craps like this only makes you (and your religion) look dumb and pitiful. You know, there’s a type of twat who always talks claptrap about some certain public figures, like “she used to be my friend in high school, not close one, BUT HEY–”, it’s exactly what you’re doing. And if you ask me, yeah I was raised among Moslems.

I know, I should stop swearing, but,

Fuck you, you fucking hypocrites.