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Just some lazy-afternoon sketch 😀 I posted this to Twitter a while ago and was too lazy to post here.


“Do you ever feel lonely?”
“Everyone does.”
“I mean, you seem—”
“…We all know that internet is the best place to cheat.”

/ I am not merry, but I do beguile. The thing I am by seeming otherwise // Desdemona spoke the most delicious truth we might live through. Some famously assertive people may possibly be the most reliant, anxious beings we could ever imagine. And some others may just be Othellos —leaping to conclusions without adequate evidence. Both are neither right nor wrong.

I can’t tell I’m happy with people saying ” You’re exactly the same in real life as you have always potrayed online. ” …I realize I’ve become dissimulative & reticent, I only get slushy & warm to the person I love the most. At some point, I miss that lovey-dovey feeling, the urge to dance at the museum while Balamb Garden – Ami is being played, baking weird cookies, watching movies as one ends up kissing my lips…

Oo romance, be my guest.

**now insert protagonistic whimper minus thick mascara here**

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If I look that annoying, that's because I'm that awsome.


why so sulky?

You might encounter times when everywhere you turn, there are psychotic egomaniacs trying to spoil your fun and make your life miserable that you start thinking about choking yourself to death, no? Well, actually, choking yourself to death is not as easy as it sounds, because I just happened to endure the same kind of situation. So the irony is when I hit them back, they dug an emotional bunker, jumped inside, and put a “I’m HURT”™ signboard (believe me, the ™ is fucking necessary). I tried to ask why but all I got was just some cliched answers: “I just want to be accepted for who I really am” ..while they wish they were richer and “I just want to be loved” while what they mean is a wild sex. It’s pretty tiring.

Some people should learn that they’re NOT the only one who suffers, or at least stop pretending to be one. You and I both know that we already live in difficult times, but if people and life really appear that unpleasant to you, you can go see an eye specialist and then take a closer look. There are people who actually care about you and you just—can’t hurt them that way.

Just another morning doodle.

Late night, sleep tight
Would you come back thorugh the stellar wind
Talk to me and I’ll be all right
Because you, you’ve got a special thing
One last fling, we can do it right
Oh Dear, would you, would you, would you—

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