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*I know it’s been a while, my laptop crashed and I’ve got many work to do. In short, this is just an uberquick drawing 8(*

It’s still there. The stains of red lipstick you smeared with such intention before burrying your face in my chest. Or was it blood, I couldn’t quite remember but being the masochist I am, I would still relish and secretly wish those lips that brushed my skin were still dancing upon me. Severely .
It’s sort of like going on a long, hateful vacation but we will be home. Won’t we?

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l'avidita di anima

Aren’t we all killers?
Isn’t it just a matter of perception whether one is negligible, worth killing or worth keeping?

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1st attempt at modeling my very own head (Work in Progress)

This is so—wrong. I don’t know what the heck I just did but this looks like ..some Chinese women who are too eager for their mother-in-law to quickly die. Meh.
I think I need a beer. Now. F.

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