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*I know it’s been a while, my laptop crashed and I’ve got many work to do. In short, this is just an uberquick drawing 8(*

It’s still there. The stains of red lipstick you smeared with such intention before burrying your face in my chest. Or was it blood, I couldn’t quite remember but being the masochist I am, I would still relish and secretly wish those lips that brushed my skin were still dancing upon me. Severely .
It’s sort of like going on a long, hateful vacation but we will be home. Won’t we?

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I’m in love with the tendency of hurting my fingers by writing your name on dilapidated bricks. Such a beauty springs from some letters, I ain’t sure how. I know you’ll eventually be forgotten, because I’m just a human–a snob and got easily pleased by it. But I’d love to spend some days turning into fragments; I’m ready to hurt the wall, carve your name and let the painful joy spurt.

Yes, I fancy you mad, but the Mad knows nothing. Even the glint of your eyes remains a myth I’d like to believe because your presence still feels as real as a bite of reality, yet a true-life wonder I couldn’t ever greet. But I’m in love. Or simply being high. So be it.
I’ll enjoy myself before my fear floods back.
I’d trade my sad sanity for a crack.

This seems like an endless repertoire of shlocky words and foul ardor but I want some more. The drug is enough to get it all going and I just found another brick wall…

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“Where do you see yourself in ten years?”
“I don’t know,”
..I mumbled.

I forgot where I left my dreams, I forgot what it feels like to have something better than sex. Something worth fighting for. The future looks bleaker than ever, I cried. But I haven’t reached the end of the tunnel yet, maybe there will be a billion special moments that can chase the shadows from my face in an instant, I don’t know. And romance, romance isn’t dead. Perhaps. Some people I’ve just met know how to love, and precious few people know how to talk over noodles. I’m proud to be one of the people they’re fond of. They may become a part of the future I long for. I’d better start booting my head up now.

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