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homicidal generation

After all those tremors of famine and longing, I had a tête-à-tête with fellow delinquent about sexuality and pre-marital pregnancies. So we do have a case-by-case view on abortion, and by and large, it’s NEVER been easy. I have nothing againts Prolifers, but do you people put as much energy into helping children who are already here as you do in saving the unborn? Do you talk out of turn / scoff at single women who give their babies a chance at life, or even call their kids “forbidden child”? Do you keep telling one ” Pay for your own stupidity, you were too busy spreading your legs to the world “? Et. Cetera.

All those pressures and paradoxes, maybe you’re one of the reasons why illegal abortion exists. Abortion may be nothing short of murder. Now count yourself in?

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